Typing Trainer 8

A free typing trainer for Windows users that trains the beginner to type

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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    3.9 (11)

If you want to improve your typing speed and accuracy, then it might be time to take a closer look at Typing Trainer. Typing has become an invaluable skill, but some people continue to struggle with the basics. With this utility app, you will be able to practice your typing while playing fun and engaging games. This program is perfect for users of all ages, and your typing is steadily going to improve as long as you make a point of practicing every single day. Here is a quick look at some of the useful features that can be found in Typing Trainer.

Unlike many other typing apps, this program personalizes your lessons based on the letters that you are having problems with. That means you will need to create an account before you start your first round of lessons. There are many different types of exercises and games to choose from, and each lesson focuses on a new letter or combination of keys. After you have mastered the basics, you will then move onto advanced phrases, uppercase letters, and punctuation marks. Even though this tool has quite a few exercises, the words and phrases can become repetitive.

In order to track your progress, you can regularly take typing tests. Those tests usually cover all of the skills that you have worked on up to that point. When you are done with a test, the app will tell you your average words per minute (WPM), your accuracy, and the letters that you should work on. While the tests might seem monotonous, they are actually an important part of the typing analyzer. That analyzer personalizes the curriculum so that you don’t have any weaknesses in your typing.

Those who don’t mind giving Typing Trainer access to their other programs might want to try the comprehensive typing analyzer. Instead of analyzing your typing in the app itself, Typing Trainer will pull information from a wide variety of other programs. This feature gives you an in-depth look at your typing skills as well as your problem areas. While the analyzing feature is useful, some users might prefer to block this app’s access to other programs.

Typing is a difficult skill to master, but you are going to get better as long as you continue to practice. Typing Trainer is a simple and useful tool that helps you perfect this skill through a series of games and activities. It is a great piece of software for users who want to hone their skills as well as those who have never touched a keyboard in their life.


  • Variety of entertaining games
  • Comprehensive typing analyzer
  • Tests your typing speed and accuracy


  • Exercises can become monotonous
  • Games and activities are somewhat long
  • Same words used repeatedly

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